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The Ones -by Breaaad

The Ones -by Breaaad

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MOC-108793 by Breaaad consists of 754 pieces!

Relive the epic moment from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series with this expertly designed MOC by Breaad. Immerse yourself in the heart of Star Wars lore as you behold this stunning recreation of Anakin Skywalker proving himself to be "The Chosen One" on the mystical planet Mortis.

Get the instructions and learn about the creator here!

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  • 100% Compatible
  • Strong ABS Plastic

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In order to support this MOC creator, we do not sell their designs. To purchase the instructions, please go to the link above.

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Missing or broken pieces? Do not hesitate to reach out! We will get you all of your parts or your money back!


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